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Sasaeng fan leaks text messages between her and EXO’s Suho

Now for this post to make any sense at all, you’ll first have to read this post.

So after the sasaeng fan leaked the private audio recordings of EXO playing online games with their friends (who happen to be girls), that same fan began texting EXO’s Suho.

This sasaeng fan magically got Suho’s phone number and began threatening him about the incident. She was basically telling him that she’ll probably release the full 21-minute audio clip that she has soon.

These text messages were directed towards “Kim Jun Myeon“, which we of course know is Suho’s real name.

Sasaeng fan leaks texts between her and EXO's Suho

Here is the text conversation, translated by NetizenBuzz:

Suho: So are you trying to say you’re going to threaten me? What is it that you want?
A: I’m not threatening you. I won’t get into a lawsuit for releasing a three minute clip, right? I didn’t release the original.
Suho: What is it that you want?
A: What I want? I’m not threatening you, I don’t want anything ㅋㅋㅋ I just want to know that I won’t be sued. It’s not like I’m leaking a rumor.
Suho: Okay, I get it. Stop contacting me now.
A: So you won’t sue me if I release everything?
Suho: It’s not the members from another group, just a non-celebrity friend I know so don’t bring harm onto others.
A: A Pink are not non-celebrities… There’s proof of (you?) saying Bomi nuna.
Suho: So what you’re saying is that you want to release it but you want to know whether you’ll get sued for it. That’s why you’re contacting me?
A: Yeah.
Suho: It’s not A Pink. ‘Bbeum’ is just that woman’s ID. Do not bring harm to another group. And if you’re that curious, ask me in court instead of through text.

I must say, I have a whole lot of newfound respect for Suho, not that I didn’t have much before. But he’s definitely climbing up the bias list.

He handled the entire conversation and blackmail professionally and with the leader-like grace that he’s known for.

Some fans are even saying that if the sasaeng fan had texted Baekhyun or D.O instead, this conversation might have been a lot more hostile.

What’s also great is that he’s also defending A Pink and other groups in this conversation.

Netizens are commenting on these leaked texts, saying:

1. [+223, -13] How did she even text him??? Sasaeng??

2. [+246, -53] I don’t know about EXO or listen to their songs but the leader guy obviously toned his anger down while talking to her. He seems like a nice guy. Any non-celebrity would’ve sworn at the kid.

3. [+215, -41] It’s not like they swore at some person they don’t know… I listened to the clip and it just sounded like swears that you could exchange with your friends while playing a game. It’s not a big deal. The real criminal here is the person who recorded a private conversation between friends ㅡㅡ

I also love how EXO’s Suho ended the conversation with,

“And if you’re that curious, ask me in court instead of through text.”

I honestly do hope that SM Entertainment takes legal action against this sasaeng, because this is a huge invasion of privacy and quite frankly, it’s time for these fans to learn that there are consequences for their behavior.

  1. aLLkpoPiSMe says

    It’s upsetting to have EXO go through these things because of over obsessive fans with nothing better to do. SuHo handled it nicely. Good job.

  2. byun baekhyun says

    Then what is the phone no?

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