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SBS’s Inkigayo lifts its ban on EXO’s fandom

SBS’s Inkigayo has finally lifted the ban on EXO’s fans, giving them another chance to show that they can indeed be organized and respectful at public events. For those of you who don’t remember, Inkigayo banned EXO’s fans from attending both the pre-recording and live showing of EXO’s performances due to their rowdy and unsafe behavior.

Fans would jaywalk across streets, even in heavy traffic. They would disobey the directions of security guards and staff members, and they would break rules by recording and taking pictures of events. Inkigayo had enough of their nonsense and decided to forgo giving EXO’s fandom special tickets… which are basically tickets that give fandoms front-row seats to their favorite artist’s performance.

SBS Inkigayo lifts ban on EXO's fans

Now that the ban has been lifted, EXO’s fans have a chance to show Inkigayo, as well as other event organizations, that they have learned from their mistakes and will try to behave and obey directions. If they still show off their usual bad behavior, who knows what punishment Inkigayo will shell out next. If anything, the next punishment could be much more severe. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen.

Thanks Donnamir Duario for the tip!

Credit: @EXOCanada

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