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SM to refuse any fan gifts or support for NCT

SM Entertainment has released an official statement saying that they will refuse any fan gifts or fan supports given to NCT.

So what does “support” mean exactly?

It means any food trucks, food stands, or food deliveries sent to the boys.

Fans have expressed their disappointment on SM’s stance on all of this, but they can see things from SM’s point of view.

SM to refuse fan gifts and support for NCT

I can understand why SM wants to block the gifts. Fans are super generous with what they give their favorite idols.

Idol members receive a bunch of gifts, more than they have any space for in their homes for. And, it’s super rude to throw out fan gifts, so if they get caught doing so, it’ll just be a PR nightmare.

Blocking fan gifts will save everyone a lot of trouble.

As for the fan support, I’m not entirely sure why SM wants to block those. I mean we see pictures of idols very happy when fans send them food to eat… perhaps it has to do with SM wanting NCT to stick to a certain diet?

On the plus side of all of this, it looks like fans can still purchase ad space and banners for the NCT members on their birthdays or to celebrate their achievements, so we still have that going for us.

And fans can take all of that money they usually spend on gifts and put it towards something great, like making donations to charity in their idol’s name, or building forests like EXO Lay’s fans do for him.

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