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Tao picks up Sehun in a Maserati – Taohun is real

Tao was just observed picking up Sehun in a Maserati Granturismo Sports Car, which goes for about $130,000 – $160,000.

Fans are still trying to figure out whether he paid for it using money he earned from EXO, or if it was a present from his parents (who are said to be very rich).

Either way, I’m sure Sehun is glad to be seen riding in that. And we’re glad that Sehun and Tao are still going strong.

We love Taohun and we will ship them forever.

Tao picked up Sehun in a maserati - Taohun is real 1
Credit: Owner

Sehun and Tao were out with their managers to purchase snacks.

The managers drove away in a different car.

It seems a little excessive to bring a $130k+ car to purchase about $20 worth of snacks, but when you have cravings, you’ll go the extra mile to satiate them.

That, and of course Tao would take any opportunity to impress Sehun.

Tao picked up Sehun in a maserati - Taohun is real

Credit: 吴世勋韩网资源翻译博

  1. ksevgi says

    oppaaa sarangheaaaaa .(I love you soo much )

  2. LiLithepanda27 says

    I ship it!

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