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VIXX performs the “Energy Song” on Inkigayo

K-Pop artists are asked time and time again to perform songs on music shows that will help better the world. Most of the time, K-Pop idols are asked to record a video about traffic safety, whether it’s to inform viewers not to drink and drive, not to speed, not to use the phone while driving, etc etc.

However, Inkigayo decided to change things up this time around, and they asked VIXX to help them. Instead of the traffic safety song, VIXX performed the “Energy Song” for Inkigayo viewers.

VIXX performs the energy song for Inkigayo

In this adorable one minute long video, the members of VIXX demonstrate the importance of reducing their electricity consumption. VIXX’s Leo plays the strict father to the rest of the members in this video by unplugging their many electronic devices, turning off the AC, and making them take the stairs instead of the elevator. VIXX shows that by just doing simple things like using a fan to cool off, or taking the stairs to get to different floors, they are able to help preserve the environment.

Without further ado, check out VIXX’s “Energy Song” video below. If you’re a VIXX fan, you’ll love it.

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