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VIXX’s Hongbin uses his Jekyll album photo for his ID card picture

Most of us have terrible ID card photos. Why? Who knows? Maybe we’re nervous when we get our picture taken. Maybe the DMV’s camera is meant to make us look horrible. Maybe if we were given photo approval, we would be able to look at least somewhat decent.

Whatever the case may be, it’s very difficult for people to get a great picture for their ID’s, which especially sucks considering we have to show our ID’s to people all the time.

VIXX's Hongbin uses his Jekyll album photo as his ID picture

Well VIXX’s Hongbin has managed to evade the curse of the photo ID. He just received his replacement ID card, and he was able to change his default picture to a more beautiful and attractive one. How? By providing the DMV with his own album photo from VIXX’s repackaged album “Jekyll”.

Hongbin tweeted to his fans saying,

“My new identification card came in! I was sad when I lost it, but I’m feeling better now because of the picture. Ke. The picture that I used? It’s a familiar picture , right? Yes~ It’s the jacket photo from the repackaged album, Jekyll. Keke.”

Not only is he talented as an idol, he’s also very clever and smart. Fans have been laughing and amazed by his actions, telling him that he was “amazing for thinking of this”, and that he was “too funny”. Now if only I can convince my DMV to replace my default pic with my own submitted photo.

Source: Mwave

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