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Vote for EXO as 2013’s Top Style Icon in Korea

EXO has been nominated by MWAVE and OnStyle for the 2013 Top Style Icon Award! They’re being called “The Syndrome-Causing Rookie Idols“, and they have been nominated alongside a whole bunch of other huge celebrities in the Korean Entertainment Industry.

The boys are currently ranked #7 on the polls, right behind G-Dragon, Shinhwa, Girls’ Generation, f(x), Lee Jong Suk, and SHINee.

Being #7 is really impressive for EXO, because 1: they’re a rookie group and 2: they managed to outrank 43 other top celebrities in this poll, including Kim Soo Hyun, INFINITE, Suzy, and more.

Vote for EXO as 2013's Top Style Icon in Korea

To get started, all you have to do is:

  1. Go to MWAVE’s Voting Page.
  2. Select 10 nominees that you think deserve the 2013 Top Style Icon Award.
  3. Vote 3 times using an official MWAVE account, your Facebook account, and you Twitter account.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 every 24 hours.

The boys are currently only 0.4% behind G-Dragon, who is currently in 1st place, meaning it should be relatively easy for them to catch up. Considering the power and commitment of the EXO fanbase, there is a good chance that EXO can win.

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