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Wanna One Signs Endorsement Deal With Innisfree

Wanna One has accomplished one of their first, of many, successful acts as a group.

They’re moving at lightning speeds to get the most out of their time before August.

Just today, they’ve signed an endorsement deal with cosmetic brands, “Innisfree“.

It’s almost unsurprising since Innisfree was one of the major companies advertising with Produce 101’s Season 2.

The boys will be advertising Innisfree’s variety of volcanic clay masks, as well as their other products.

Each Wanna One member will be advertising a different clay mask; specifically the volcanic clay mask that matches their characteristics best.

Their first CF will appear sometime next week.

This endorsement deal will be sure to keep the boys busy until their official debut in August.

We bet that they’ll sign a bunch of endorsements and deals before their short-time together comes to an end.

We’re disappointed that these boys won’t be together for long. December 2018 isn’t that far away.

So let’s make the most of our time with them while we can.

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